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God’s Timing: The Baby Living on Lake Erie | Ruth Trippy

Sunset at Lake Erie

With God on the Lake

A few days ago, I awoke at 5:45 a.m. in my daughter Anne’s home, waiting to hear the baby cry. Silence. Then I heard footsteps on the floor above in this 1930’s house. My son-in-law was getting ready for work. I waited until he left, then quietly rose from my husband’s side and went out to greet the morning on Lake Erie. I brought my vitamin drink, a Bible and Jesus Calling.


A New World

I was in a different world here. Not only sitting by Lake Erie in Ohio. This was a world with a new baby, our first grandchild, Judah. I thought of the Biblical Lion of Judah. I also remembered his birthdate in the constellations God had formed was Leo: the lion.

But, Judah Timothy had come three weeks early. When our daughter had been examined by her doctor, she’d been told she had another few weeks before delivery. However, soon after the doctor’s pronouncement, in the middle of the night she awoke wondering, are these contractions? And 25 hours later, Judah arrived!


Ruth and Hubby on the Road

Hearing this, my Energizer bunny went into high gear. Packing clothes and house preparation that usually took three days, took one. After 15 hours on the road, my husband and I arrived at the hospital, just before midnight, to hold our grandson in our arms!


Three Weeks Early

The timing of this baby—arriving 3 weeks early—what did God have in mind? Many things. But He did have something special and unexpected for me.

To digress a moment: has God’s timing ever mystified you? Even, frustrated you? In getting published? In navigating the tricky waters of Marketing & Publicity?

Timing in Getting Published

I certainly wondered if I’d ever get my first book published. It was 30 years from when I started writing a novel to when I was finally accepted by Abingdon Press. I was sure I was ready long before that! However, during those years, I discovered that writing is more than getting published. It’s about developing a lifestyle of dependence on God. And trusting Him when the timing seems off. How well I remember all those writing conferences and rejections. But when I was finally published—in God’s time—I had a better book, and I was a better person.

I was reminded of the hymn by William Cowper (1774) – “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform…”


God has His perfect timing for each part of our lives.

Oh yes, those three weeks!

This is where my newborn grandson comes in. Remember that he came three weeks early? Years ago I had a daughter, Rachel, who also came three weeks early. But I never held her. An apparently healthy baby at birth, she died after only 12 hours.

However, in God’s mysterious providence, life had now come full circle for me. With little Judah, I felt what it was like to hold a baby born three weeks early. I held and held and held my little grandson.


Can you imagine how sweet this was? Even sweeter with the long wait? We can trust the Lord. He has His perfect timing for each aspect of our lives. With a few wonderful surprises thrown in!

Ruth Trippy taught music, language arts and worked as a Public Service Director for radio in Ft. Lauderdale. She has three novels published, both traditionally and independently. Visit her webpage at www.ruthtrippy.com.

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