Spiritual Encouragement

Another Time of Uncertainty

Transitioning out of the coronavirus epidemic, I expected to take a deep breath of relief.

My husband and I looked forward to resuming travel with caution. After having to cancel twice because of the epidemic, Scott booked us for a third time on a river cruise in Europe. It starts in Germany and wends its way down the Danube and ends in Budapest, Hungary.

Then, a month ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. The horror of the pictures of the brave men of Ukraine saying goodbye to their families and fleeing women holding weeping children wrenches my heart.

Along with millions, I pray for relief and success for the people of Ukraine.

I considered the lives of two brilliant authors who fought in the Great War. They penned many inspiring works.

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings, a great battle between good and evil with an unassuming hobbit saving Middle Earth. C.S. Lewis created The Chronicles of Narnia where the great lion, Aslan, reflects the meaning of God’s love.

A founder of The Inklings, J.R.R. Tolkien’s group of writers met often to hear each other’s writing. C.S. Lewis joined and not only became one of Tolkien’s dearest friends but also transformed to a devout Christian. Lewis went on to become an advocate for Christianity that impacted England and beyond.

They changed the world through their writing.

What will happen?

Will Ukraine survive? Will the tide turn?

A speck on the scale of importance—will we go on our river cruise in Europe?

Will I be able to focus on rewriting my WIP?

Here’s what I know—God’s got it. He tells us this repeatedly.

And, while I don’t know how these questions will turn out—I’m 100% confident God is Sovereign.

I know I was called to write by Him. After a season of disappointment—just when I thought about giving up writing—I received notice that a piece I submitted last September will be published in an anthology in July 2022!

See Carol James’ inspiring The Sacred Call of the Christian Writer. She writes, “Touching the life of one, or two, or three with your writing is as valuable as touching the lives of a multitude.”

I know our heavenly Father is with the Ukrainians. Please join me in covering them with prayers.

As for the river cruise? Well, God’s got it. I’m good with that.

Allyson West Lewis is an award-winning author specializing in speculative fiction. After an extensive career as a senior Wall Street executive, she’s written a fantasy novel, a dystopian science fiction book and has published short stories in literary magazines and anthologies. She adores her husband, three grown sons and grandchildren. Allyson writes from North Georgia with a Golden Retriever and one irascible Airedale Terrier sprawled at her feet.

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