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Merriest of Christmases! | Allyson West Lewis

I pray you find yourself blessed by the celebration of our Savior’s birth. What a remarkable thing God did, sending His son to save you and me!

For many, the celebration has already begun—or perhaps it’s the shopping that has begun? It’s a season of cooking, baking, getting together with friends and loved ones and finding just the right gift for the special someones in your life.

Of course, if your love language is gifts, as in giving and receiving, this might be your absolute favorite time of year. It’s my favorite time of year, but the gift giving stresses me out a bit. Okay, it stresses me out a lot.

We can find the love languages in Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages. I highly recommend it! It changed my life because not only did I figure out my love language, I recognized with shock, that the ‘acts of service’ my sweet husband performed were his love language! And I did not give him one iota of credit in the loving me category at all, because my number one love language is Quality Time.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

In this amazing time of celebrating Jesus’ birth, let’s connect with our loved ones by decoding their love language. Which one is yours? Which one is theirs? Take a look!

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Receiving Gifts

Quality Time

Physical Touch

Have fun this season! Take this quiz and discover your love language and how you can cherish your beloveds better in their own love language.

Merry Christmas!


Allyson West Lewis is an award-winning author specializing in speculative fiction. After an extensive career as a senior Wall Street executive, she’s written a fantasy novel, a dystopian science fiction book and has published short stories in literary magazines and anthologies. She adores her husband, three grown sons and grandchildren. Allyson writes from North Georgia with a Golden Retriever and one irascible Airedale Terrier sprawled at her feet.

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