Archive of Meeting Speakers


January: Larry J. Leech II, Strong Foundation, Strong Fiction
February: Athena Dean Holtz, The Publishing Supply Chain
March: Toni Shiloh, Developing a Marketing Strategy
April: Candice Yamnitz, How to Succeed at Instagram Marketing
May: Robert Quattlebaum, How to Sell Your Book to Perfect Strangers
June: Zena Dell Lowe, True Character vs Characterization
July: Kristi Ann Hunter, Show vs Tell
August: Rachel Hauck, Creating Tension
September: Hallee Bridgeman, Developing and Maintaining a Knockout Newsletter
October: Tanya Agler, Self Editing


January: Edwina Perkins, The Danger and Power of Words
February: Vincent B. Davis II, Amazon Bootcamp
March: Carla Hoch, Get Your Characters to Fight Right
April: Julane Fisher, Find Your Voice . . . Literally
May: Elizabeth Camden, Writing Dynamic Back Cover Copy
June: Tina Yeager, Optimize Your Brain’s Creative Power
July: Amy Lynn Green, Avoiding a Mushy Middle
August: Hallee Bridgeman, From Indie to Traditional
September: Patty Smith Hall, Writing from the Male POV
October: Creston Mapes, The Journey to Indie


January: Elizabeth Musser, Depression and God’s Grace
February: Thomas Umstattd, The Power of Podcasting
March: Edie Melson, Social Media for Today’s Writer
April: Kimberly Duffy, How to Write Flash Fiction Romance
May: Rachel McMillan, How to Work with Agents and Publishers
June: Tanya Agler, Organizing Your Series Research
July: Virginia Vaughn, Goal, Motivation, and Conflict
August: Katy Kauffman, Writing Devotionals
September: Carol James, Newsletter Ninja
October: Kim Vogel Sawyer, I Signed on the Dotted Line. Now What?


January: Writing through the Chaos panel discussion led by Lindsey Brackett
February: Jim Hart, How to Know When You Are Ready for a Literary Agent
March: Molly Jo Realy, How to be a Zebra on Social Media
April: Melanie Dobson, Why Bad Things Must Happen to Good Characters (i.e., conflict)
May: DiAnn Mills, Characters
June: Cindy Woodsmall, Deeper Show, Don’t Tell
July: Patty Smith Hall, Writing Novellas
August: Lynn Blackburn, Creating Un-put-down-able Novels (i.e., incorporating suspense)
September: Hope Welborn, Outlining & 3-Act Structure
October: Kristi Ann Hunter, Deep POV


January: Lindsey Brackett, How to Write Flash Fiction that Sells
February: Nicole Seitz, How to Write a Redemptive Theme for the General Market
March: Melissa Welborn, How to Get Your Book into Your Local Library
April: Linda Gilden, How to Use Articles as a Marketing Tool
May: James Scott Bell, Build Solid Story Structure & Write Great Fiction
June: Fran Strickland Anderson, Tapping into Creativity
July: Pepper Basham, Writing a Variety of Characters (Especially Heroes!)
August: Elva Cobb Martin, Writing in Deep POV
September: Brandy Steffensen, Savvy Self-Editing
October: Glenda Long, Bookkeeping Basics for Authors


January: Kristi Ann Hunter, Goal Setting and Attaining
February: Kristi Ann Hunter, Plotting
March: Carrie Booth Schmidt
April: Misty Beller, Email Newsletters
May: Creston Mapes
June: Summer Series: Michael Hauge, Grabbing the Reader in the First 10 Pages
July: Summer Series: Michael Hauge, Grabbing the Reader in the First 10 Pages
August: Summer Series: Hands-on Practice, Grabbing the Reader in the First 10 Pages
September: Sarah Thomas, Setting
October: The Life Cycle of a Book


January: Effectively layering your message into your story
February: Pitches, Queries, and Proposals, Oh My!
March:  Working with Booksellers
April: Lynette Eason
May: Hands On Workshop
June: Marketing Discussion
July: Edie Melson, Social Media
August: Cancelled
September: ACFW and good news
October: Rachel Hauck