Spiritual Encouragement

The Sacred Call of the Christian Writer | Carol James

Image by Todoran Bogdan from Pexels Why are you writing? What were your goals and motivations when you began? Did you want to achieve fame and fortune? Have a book (or two) listed on the New York Times best-seller list? Be able to support your family or make a nice little nest egg for your… Continue reading The Sacred Call of the Christian Writer | Carol James

Spiritual Encouragement

Hemingway dodged it. Did you? | Allyson West Lewis

I did not dodge the virus. In 2020 and 2021, stories proliferated of people losing family, friends, and loved ones to the deadly coronavirus that swept the globe. Terrifying, but it remained, for me, word of mouth. In late summer 2020, my husband and I welcomed our 29-year-old son back to our home when his job ended… Continue reading Hemingway dodged it. Did you? | Allyson West Lewis

Writing Craft

Researching Research | Ane Mulligan

Do you delve into research, dipping one toe at a time as you write? Or do you dive headfirst before you write word one? Whether you write contemporary or historical fiction, you will need to do research. Otherwise, you could find yourself fifty-thousand words into a manuscript and discover you've written your characters into a… Continue reading Researching Research | Ane Mulligan

Spiritual Encouragement

Four P’s on a Writer’s Journey | Pat Nichols

In 2015, after spending a year writing my first manuscript, I attended a Christian writer’s conference. Talk about an eye-opener. The most valuable experience during those three days was Eva Marie Everson’s critique of my first three chapters. Her professional feedback made it clear my work was far from ready for primetime. At the same… Continue reading Four P’s on a Writer’s Journey | Pat Nichols

Publishing Industry

Literary Citizenship | Jill K Willis

Last week at the online Women in Publishing Summit, I learned a new term: Literary Citizenship. Jane Friedman, editor of The Hot Sheet and publishing industry expert, mentioned the concept during her presentation, “Changes in the Publishing Industry.” She defined it as “a community of people in the publishing industry who support each other.” Jane… Continue reading Literary Citizenship | Jill K Willis