What to expect

What takes place at an ACFW North Georgia meeting? Lots.

Every monthly meeting contains the following segments:

  • Introductions (Don’t worry about who you don’t know – we wear nametags!)
  • Good news (Everything from getting a rejection to landing a contract to simply getting some writing done)
  • Writing-related Devotion
  • Industry News (Stay up on the latest happenings, contests, and conference news)
  • Tech Tip (Computers, social media, Scrivener… there’s so many things that can help with your writing and we’ll help you use them.)
  • Writing Tip (You’ll always go home with SOMETHING that can make your writing better.)

Each month will also bring in a speaker or panel of some kind to guide us in our learning. Check out the Schedule below for a list of upcoming speakers and topics. To stay up to date on special public events and receive meeting reminders the day of each meeting, please join our public interest newsletter.

Learning New Skills

Our 2019 Meeting Schedule is in the works!

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  • January ~ A panel discussion led by author Lindsey P. Brackett, Writing through the Chaos
  • February ~ TBA
  • March ~ TBA
  • April ~ TBA
  • May ~ TBA
  • June ~ TBA
  • July ~ Author Patty Smith Hall, Writing Novellas
  • August ~ TBA
  • September ~ TBA
  • October ~ TBA
  • November/December ~ Christmas Party

Where we meet

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