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Benefits of Membership

All members receive newsletters each month with details about upcoming meetings and member prayer requests. We also have a private Facebook group where we encourage each other, share links and recaps from the previous meetings, and post helpful industry articles.

If you are a member and not receiving our emails, please contact the board.

ACFW NGA meeting

Who’s on the board?

ACFW North Georgia is run by an elected board of members that organize meetings, support members, and keep our group aligned with the national chapter.

2021 Board:

President, Hope Welborn

Vice President, Jill Willis

Secretary, Carol James

Treasurer, Allyson Lewis

Communications, Jennifer Purcell

Dues and Fees

All regular monthly meetings are included in the $15 annual fees.

Special events may be an additional charge.

Got a question?

Send us an email or visit our Contact page.

Teresa Pollard, Pat Nichols, Sherry Popovich