Spiritual Encouragement

Another Time of Uncertainty

Transitioning out of the coronavirus epidemic, I expected to take a deep breath of relief. My husband and I looked forward to resuming travel with caution. After having to cancel twice because of the epidemic, Scott booked us for a third time on a river cruise in Europe. It starts in Germany and wends its… Continue reading Another Time of Uncertainty

Writing Craft

3 C’s of the Writing Journey | Hope Welborn

Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay Every writer’s journey is as unique as the writer itself. And while our paths may look different, there are a few universal stops along the way. I call these the 3 C’s of the Writing Journey. Craft We must study the craft of writing, especially as beginners. Natural talent… Continue reading 3 C’s of the Writing Journey | Hope Welborn

Spiritual Encouragement

The Day of Small Things | Brandy Heineman

Checking In On 2020 Goals How are your resolutions going? Or your One Word or verse for this year? Are you doing the things you planned to do, making big strides toward your goals? I'll wait for some of you to stop laughing and/or cringing. Now that the short-lived enthusiasm of New Year's has faded… Continue reading The Day of Small Things | Brandy Heineman